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Last Revised: October 2008

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Privacy Statement

The Team for Research with Adolescents and Children in Palliation and Grief is committed to protecting your privacy and to providing you with a safe online experience.  The following statement is meant to govern any collection, use and security of your personal information.  By using the Team for Research with Adolescents and Children in Palliation and Grief website, you consent to the following privacy practices.

Collection of Personal Information

Should you provide us with any personally identifiable information such as name, phone number or email address, this information will be used to inform you about such things as:  research initiatives or findings, upcoming studies, newsletters, services and resources.
Photographs of children or family members will require written permission of the legal guardian of the child and will follow the consenting practices used by most major health facilities.

Research Participation

Should you agree to participate in a study, all information that you provide will be treated anonymously and with highest confidentiality for research purposes only. All researchers will use formal consent procedures developed by known organizations such as but not limited to:  hospitals, universities and health care organizations.

Security of your Personal Information

Any personal information that you disclose will be secured by computer servers in a controlled, secure environment protected from unauthorized use access, use or disclosure.

The Team for Research with Adolescents and Children keeps track of the website and pages visited so that we can determine what is most popular and helpful.

Should we get into blogging, message boards, share your stories etc down the road then we’ll have to create a disclaimer about sharing personal information.

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